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 Automotive Rubber Profile

Rubber Profile

Complete solution in extrusions. We have 15 years working experience in handling projects for all applications in automotive. We have engineering capabilities to offer solution which will fit your requirements exactly. Our products / process involve: 

Dense Rubber Profiles 
Sponge Rubber Profiles 
Flocked Glass Run Channels 
Flocked Belt Lines 
PVC EPDM Sponge Pinchweld 
Door Rubber 
Door Seals 
Windscreen Rubber 
Windscreen Gaskets 
Windshield Profiles 
Windshield Gaskets 
Hood Seal 
Bonnet Seal 
Bus Body Building Profiles 
Bus Body Gaskets 
Body Profiles 
Railway Extrusions 
Railway Gaskets 
Railway Profiles 
EPDM coextruded Solid with sponge 
EPDM coextruded solid sponge with embedded steel strip 
EPDM PVC coextruded with embedded steel strip 
Self Adhesive Profiles 
Self Adhesive Gasket 
Bead Welts 
EPDM Rubber Extruded recreational vehicles gaskets 
Dicky Rubber 
Under Hood Rubber



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