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 Research and Development

Research and Development is the corner stone of "Seeco Industries" philosophy. Investment in R&D both in terms of manpower and equipment is a continuous process.

R&D is limited not only to product innovation. At "Seeco Industries" R&D extends to the shop-floor. New technologies are constantly inducted into the manufacturing process. This increases the efficiency of production and at the same time gives the customers a better product.

A case in point is the CVT production, a transmission used in innovative urban vehicles such as Scooters. The Production line is the result of in house R&D. The latest automation and electronic equipment have been integrated to achieve a high production rate while adhering to strict quality standards.

Raw Materials Testing Laboratory
Universal Testing Machines
Salt Spray Testing Machines
Dry Friction Material Testing Machines
Centrifugal Clutch Testing Machines
CVT Testing Machines
Wet Clutch Friction Testing Machines
Clutch Assembly Testing Machines
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