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Hydraulic Brake Hose

Hose fittings are manufactured in different grades according to their applications mainly EPDM rubber is used, as hose manufactured with this is serviceable over an operating temperature 100 c and has resistant to hot water steam, ozone and different atmospheric condition. We make variety of rubber hoses. Rubber hoses play a vital role in conducting fluids from one part of equipment to another without causing any damage to the surroundings. Since they are flexible, they absorb the shocks emanating from engines and equipments operating in dynamic conditions. All hoses are manufactured to strictest standard of dimensional accuracy and durability and stand such as SAN, DIN, ISO, BS, GOST & JIC.

Types of hoses includes:

• Metallic flexible hoses (pressure/exhaust)
• Strip wound interlock corrugated hoses
• Braided & unbraced S.S. corrugated hoses
• Braided pipe
• S.S. corrugated below hose
• Plastic hose
• EPDM/Teflon hoses
• Industrial rubber hoses
• Brake hoses, etc.

They also offer hydraulic brake hose as per SAE/DIN end fittings, hoses for various industrial and construction applications. LPG conversion hoses for car & hydraulic fitting, chemical suction & discharge hoses sand shot blasting hose carbon free, cable coolant hose, low pressure fuel & oil hose flexible coolant pipe, fuel injection pipes, automobile hose and vacuum & steam hose.


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