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 Engine Valves

Engine Valves

"SEECO" offers one of the widest ranges of Intake and Exhaust Engine Valves, for internal combustion engines in range of sizes with verity of materials.

At our state-of-the-art facilities, we manufacture Engine Valves to the highest standards, serving the needs of our customers across a whole range of Automobile and Engineering industries with the latest and advanced CNC technology. “SEECO” Engine Valves are used in some of the most demanding applications for Automobile and Engineering Industries, including Global Automotive Industry, On and Off Road Vehicles, Marine, Locomotive as well as applications like general industrial and Stationary engines.

Range of Engine Valves  
Monometallic Valves  
Valve built of a single material that forms the stem and the head. They possess excellent mechanical properties although they are not so good at corrosion. Chromium-nickel-manganese- tungsten stainless steels are used for exhaust valves.
Bimetal Valves  
Valve made by joining together two different valve materials by friction wielding wherein high hot hardness alloy steel (austenitic steel) is used at the head and the stem made from a upright mechanical properties steel (martensitic steel). In this way a better usage of the properties of each material is achieved, high temperature corrosion resistance in the austenitic stainless steels of the head, and high tensile strength and abrasive wear resistance in the martensitic stainless steel of the stem. This technique is used in medium to high stressed exhaust valves and in high stressed intake valves.
Projection Welded tip Valve  
A small piece of martensitic steel is welded on the stem end when the entire valve is manufactured in stainless steel (non-quenchable). This is done to increase the impact and wear resistance of the stem end. Then, this tip is quenched to improve their mechanical properties.
Stellied Welded Valve (Special alloys welded onto the seat)
To improve the corrosion and high temperature wear resistance, mainly in exhaust valves, a cord of special material is placed onto the valve seat. Valves made by using deposit of stellite to get high hot hardness at the seat. The special material is generally a cobalt base alloy (called Stellite), although it can also be iron or nickel base.
Chrome Plate Valve  
Through an electromechanical process a layer of hard chromium is stored over the stem. The thickness of this layer generally will depend on the level of the piece stress. The main function of the chromium layer is to reduce the friction between the stem and the valve guide, and to store among its micro-cracks, small amounts of lubricating oil. All this results in better operating conditions increasing. Therefore the useful life of the valve guide and stem.
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