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Disk Pads

Our disc pads use less abrasive materials and lubricants which do not attack the disc surface of automobiles, unlike some competitive materials. Friction can be achieved with minimal surface damage to pads and discs thus extending both pad and disc life.

Seeco disc pads also reduce thermal damage to discs, which can cause micro and radial cracking and has a high tolerance of varying disc metallurgy. For exceptional pad life two types of materials are used depending on their application

For heavier duty applications, sintered carbon metallic material with a friction rating of GG is used. This material can withstand extremely high temperatures. The result is exceptional pad and rotor life at high operating temperatures. For lighter applications, a semi metallic material with an FF friction rating is employed. This material provides stable friction levels across a range of operating temperatures. Both materials are equal to or better than OE (original equipment) for low wear and life, particularly at higher temperatures.

Features / Benefits

• High thermal stability, which helps the Brakes to perform under severe    conditions.

• Low fade and high recovery properties, thereby meaning that friction   value shall marginally fall with rise in temperature during application    and gain in value to the required level upon cooling.

• High Shear Value, meaning that the friction composite shall not part off    at the extreme operating conditions.

•  Low hardness of Composite- so that the Rotor Discs do not scored.

•  Anti Squeak properties.

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